Starting a Business in Rwanda as a Foreigner

Starting a Business in Rwanda as a Foreigner – Rwanda is a country in East Africa that has a stable government with a clear and coherent vision of where it wants to take Rwanda, backed by commitment and determination. A business can be registered and legally established through a two-step procedure in a very short amount of time, […]

Trademark Registration in Uganda

Trademark Registration in Uganda – A trademark is a distinctive sign, could be a name, signature, drawing or symbol, which is used to distinguish similar goods or services of different companies.  Trademarks, besides serving the owner also help consumers to identify, choose and finally purchase a product or service because of its quality, as it […]

How to Apply for a Form CR 12 in Kenya

How to Apply for a Form CR 12 in Kenya – A CR 12 is an official and legal confirmation by the Registrar of Companies as to whom the directors/ shareholders of a company are. It is usually signed off by the Registrar and confirms that the company’s records exist at the company registry.  Form CR 12 highlights the […]

Doing Business in Uganda 

Doing Business in Uganda – Uganda is a land locked country that strategically shares borders with Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. It has a population of approximately 37.6 billion people. The official languages are English and Swahili, although Luganda is widely spoken. According to Trading Economics, Uganda has a GDP of 27.48 USD. […]

Dissolution of a Company in Kenya

Company winding-up process in Kenya; liquidation, Dissolution, de-registration  Winding-up is the process of dissolving a company. It is, in fact, a formal procedure in which management of its affairs is taken out of the director’s hands and the assets are liquidated. The proceeds from the sale of the assets are used to repay creditors and what remains is distributed to the shareholders in accordance […]

Business Registration service  in Kenya

Business Registration Service in Kenya – Kenya has seen a number of changes in doing business such as the reduced number of steps taken to register a business, the combination of the business licenses to form the unified business permit and now revolutionizing the registration process by being part of the digital migration and ensuring […]

How to obtain a Single Business Permit in Nairobi

Obtain a Single Business Permit in Nairobi – A single business permit is a legal requirement for any business in Nairobi to run its operations smoothly. In the past, one was supposed to apply for different licenses in different offices depending on the nature of the business until they were all combined to form the […]

Investments Restricted for foreign Investors in Ethiopia

Investments Restricted for foreign Investors in Ethiopia Investments Restricted for foreign Investors in Ethiopia – Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent countries in Africa and also the 2nd most populous with over 105 million people. It was also identified by the World Bank Global Economic Prospects as one of the fastest growing economies in the world […]

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