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Are you Looking for a Reliable Business Consultancy firm in Africa?

We are an award Winning, Reliable, Customer-Centered and Innovative Business Consultancy Firm in Africa with Branch Offices and Business Associates in Kenya, Burundi, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi Mozambique Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia.

For about a Decade now, we have focused on helping Local and Foreign Investors Set up and Run their Businesses Professionally, Efficiently and Conveniently. We are passionate about taking on immense Business challenges that matter to you our clients and often, to the world.

We partner you with our highly qualified team of Professionals who not only help you Set-up your Business but also offer Advisory in matters relating to Foreign investment Facilitation, Market Research, Professional Business planning, Tax, Accounting, Management Consulting, Human Resource Services, Off-line & Digital Marketing, Mergers, Acquisitions & Company Buyouts, Regulatory Compliance, Agents / Distributors Sourcing and General Business Consultancy which are crucial to both Corporate and Small and Medium Enterprises.

As our Client, you will enjoy free lifetime support – and you can be rest assured that the prices you see are the prices you pay, with us, there are no hidden extras.

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Our 2024 Plan embodies a road map for realizing a vision for the East Africa Business Consultants brand, organization and team by the year 2024. This vision means being:

  • The most recognized independent brand in East and Central Africa focusing on Business Set up and Value Building Advisory
  • Vibrant full-service offices in each of the East and Central African Countries
  • A critical mass of repeat clients, together with strong, sustained growth in new clients
  • An efficient and effective internal architecture made up of well-defined structures, procedures and supporting infrastructure
  • A thriving team united around the brand’s Mission, Vision, Values and Code of Honor

To be the trusted brand in providing outstanding Business Set up and Value Building Advisory Services

We aim to achieve its mission through:

  • Being legendary for generating the highest quality of market knowledge, to assist our clients in making the most effective business set up decisions possible
  • Building and maintaining robust, long-term relationships with our clients and treasuring “client share” rather than “market share”
  • Creating a work environment that offers all our team members career development, performance-based remuneration, a safe and fun workplace as well as camaraderie among colleagues
  • Fully developing the potential of each team member by emphasizing equal opportunity and merit

We strictly adhere to the core values of our organization that allow us to serve our clients in the best possible way.

  • Client centric approach– For us, the first and foremost priority is to meet the requirements of our customers. Our company came into existence for serving and satisfying our valued customers and we ensure that we make a positive difference in the success and future of our clients.
  • Integrity always – We maintain the highest standards of integrity and make it a point to be able to substantiate whatever we say and do. We are very aware of the fact that trust must be earned persistently and are completely committed to maintaining transparency in all our disclosures.
  • Excellence in all our endeavors – When we attach value to excellence, success becomes obvious. We offer the best services and unique solutions to all our customers. At every stage of delivery we ensure our personal accountability for maintaining the highest standards of quality.
  • We respect the communities in which we operate and live – We have highest regards for each other; we attach value to diversity and work together as a team to meet our objectives. For us, our people are valuable; we encourage their progress and reward them for their performance. We strive to become good citizens in our communities.

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