Businesses to Invest in Kenya – Kenya is a good place for both Native and Foreign Entrepreneurs . The economic survey of 2018 has estimated the economy to have expanded by 4.9 percent in 2017 compared to a revised growth of 5.9 percent in 2016. When it comes to Businesses to Invest in Kenya many people give priority to the most Profitable Opportunities available. This blog focuses on such areas in no order of Preference or Profitability.


Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy and provides approximately 75 percent of the population. Right now the concept of agribusiness has a lot of potential investors channeling resources. In 2017 alone the sector contributed Kshs2.3 trillion to the economy. The sector ranges from rearing Chicken, Rabbits, Growing wheat to taping into the Export produce such as Avocados, Tree tomatoes fruits among others. The secret of agribusiness is to go beyond the orthodox Crops and livestock. One also need to invest in the farm so as to maximize on the returns. Also critical is that one seeks the services of experts for direction on the best practices and technical support.

Real Estate and Construction

With the Rapid population growth there is huge demand for housing in major cities around the country. This has led to the coming up of towns surrounding the cities and hence increased demand for residential housing. Opportunities for investment exists particularly in the area of upgrading slums and informal settlements, urban renewal, construction of middle and low income housing, manufacture and supply of building materials and components.

ICT Sector

With the government making ICT a priority in its economic recovery strategy initiatives and the increased rates of e business and mobile transactions, there has been an increased demand for ICT related service providers in Kenya. Mobile phones are now abundant in Kenya and with devices changing constantly the demand for the latest phones and accessories will keep this sector growing. Internet access has improved as the population is getting more tech savvy. Areas in which investors are keen to look at are Data recovery, Online services, Electronic Gadgets, Software Development, Education and Training.

There are limitless Businesses to Invest in Kenya however this are just the top most sectors that one can look into. If you are looking for more areas to invest in you can Contact Us us for a feasibility study or Market Research.

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