Buy / Sell your Business or Merge / Acquire a Business In Kenya – Are you looking to Buy / Sell your Business or Merge / Acquire a Business In Kenya for either financial or Strategic reasons? We are the right Consultants for you.

We help you Build your Company’s Value to Make it Attractive for Potential Acquirers by helping you work on Key Factors that affect the Value of your Business. Some of these Critical Factors include the following; Financial Performance, Business Growth Potential, Company Structure, Recurring Revenue, Monopoly Control, Customer Satisfaction etc

We also Help you Identify Valuable Business for you to Acquire, Merge or Pursue a Joint Venture with considering their Current and Previous Performance.

Some of the functions we undertake when helping you Buy or Sell a Business in Kenya Include the Following;

  • Readiness Review and Value Building
  • Business valuation
  • Preparation of the Sales Memorandum describing your business
  • Proactive, confidential advertising and marketing, in the national press, specialist trade publications and national and international websites.
  • Handling Negotiations on your behalf
  • Target Screening and Back Ground Check
  • Deal Structuring
  • Bid and negotiation support
  • Legal advisory services after the acquisition
  • Seeking Financing or Equity partners to participate in Transactions

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