Types of Companies in Kenya

Types of Companies in Kenya  – A company is defined as a legal and separate entity that is formed by either a single person or a group of individuals that want to engage in and operate a business whether in a commercial capacity or an industrial enterprise.   The constitution of Kenya provides 2 major types of companies in Kenya.  […]

How to set up in a Special Economic Zone in Kenya

Special Economic Zone in Kenya  – The Special Economic Zones were set up in Kenya as a push towards achieving Vision 2030 which is meant to transform the country towards an industrialized middle-income country to provide a high-quality life for its citizens by diversifying manufacturing activities, creation of employment, increasing the trade balances and boosting our investment profile.   The […]

How to register a Limited Liability Partnership in Kenya

How to register a Limited Liability Partnership in Kenya – A limited liability partnership combines elements of a partnership and that of a company.   The limit of each LLP partner’s liability is agreed between the members and usually stated in a partnership agreement thus the liability of an LLP  is limited to what the partners invest and any personal guarantees put […]

How to Start a Successful Business in Kenya

How to Start a Successful Business in Kenya – In Kenya, there are so many opportunities for entrepreneurs to build a successful business and create jobs with the rising tide of technology making the world a global village. To start and run a successful business in Kenya, you just need to identify the everyday problems Kenyans […]

5 Benefits of Engaging a Tax Consultant in Kenya

5 Benefits of Engaging a Tax Consultant in Kenya  – As Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and tax”.  A Tax is an involuntary financial charge levied on a taxpayer which in this pretext includes both an individual and a legal entity by a government body to finance government activities […]

Trade Mission to Africa

Imagine that you have a Good Friend/Family living in Africa and you inform them that you would be coming to Africa and hence you ask them to show you around. Now add to this person a huge Database of Knowledge and Experience on Business in Africa, a wide Network of Business Contacts in various Industries […]

How to Get a Courier license in Kenya

How to Get a Courier license in Kenya – In today’s world, the business environment is growing rapidly and businesses are taking shop in major towns across the country which has led to the increasing need for speedy delivery of goods and services with people opting to use courier services to ferry their goods.   According to a research that was done, there is […]

Doing Business in Africa

Doing Business in Africa – Africa is termed as the future economic growth engine of the world. Currently 6 out of the 10 World’s fastest–growing economies are in Africa and according to a report done by the Africa Development Bank, the continent’s general economic performance has grown by 3.5 percent in 2018 from a 2.1 percent in […]

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