Market Research In Kenya: Discover the 3 Key Factors That Determine Market Research Success In Kenya

Market Research In Kenya – In the Previous article, we took a look at why your company should do Market Research. We also analysed the periods when it’s appropriate to do a market research in Kenya. This article will answer to other questions.  What do you research during your company Market Research In Kenya? What […]

When Should Companies Conduct a Market Research in Kenya

Market Research in Kenya – When Should Companies Conduct a Market Research in Kenya ? Is there a wrong time to do Market Research? Not really. However, Conduction  Research at the right time can significantly alter the results you get. Market Research is critical to new start-ups survival. Before launching a Company or a Product, […]

Importance of Conducting A Market Research in Kenya

To help you Understand what Companies do when they fail to Carry out a proper Market research, We shall look at a Popular game normally played during birthday celebrations by groups of children. It’s called, “Pin the tail on the donkey.” The rules are simple, a child is given a pin with a tail attached […]

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