Chinese Company Background Check – Before going to any business dealings with anyone or with any business, whether it’s a small business transaction or it’s a major deal, it is best if you do your due diligence with the company you are going to bed with. You need to understand who they are by checking their reputation and previous work dealings.  

Working with companies that are not in the same country as you can be tricky and you may not know where to begin to verify if it is a legitimate company and due to unavoidable circumstances, you may not be able to visit them and explore their sites which can undoubtedly be a valuable exercise for verification. We are going to give you a couple of pointers to give you peace of mind before entering into contracts with them.  

Chinese firms are being welcomed to increase their investments in Kenya so that they can accelerate the industrialization agenda and increase the contribution of the marketing sector towards the GDP from 8% to 15% by the end of the year 2022. There has been an increase of over 65 Chinese official development finance projects that have been identified through various media reports and an estimate of over 40 restaurants and in the import/export business.  

The Sino-Kenya relationship has been strengthened over the years with infrastructural cooperation covering various fields such as railways, roads, airports, communication, housing, water supply, and power. The relationship has seen the rise of projects such as the Standard Gauge Railway, construction of Mombasa Special Economic Zone and Naivasha Industrial Park, Twyford Ceramics project which is in its 2nd phase and the Sanitary and the newly entered Phytosanitary (SPSS) agreement.  

China’s non-financial direct investment has witnessed a double-fold increase to about USD $520 million.  

Steps to Effective Chinese Company Background Check
  • You will need to check the information the company has provided you against official records to verify it is indeed a legally registered entity.  
  • All companies that are registered in mainland China, should have a current business license.
  • Having the information and details of their registration will help you better understand their operation.
  • You can look for the registered capital, business scope, business type, date of establishment, legal representative, shareholders and board of directors. 
Search Google for Warnings

Since we live in a digital era, nearly every business or company should have an internet presence with information that they have put up themselves and reviews and experience rates from people that have used them before to be able to gauge their reputation and their trustworthiness.  

Verify Certificates  

  • You can use China’s Check up’s certificate verification services to verify the huge array of certificates, licenses, and test reports
  • Certificates such as Export Bank account, tax licenses, Trademark registration, SGS, Intertek test reports or product certifications.  
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You only give us the name of the company and its country of operation and we check for its validity, the number and names of the directors, the year of incorporation, the number of years it has been in operation and the current location etc.

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