Ghana at a Glance

Did you Know that Ghana is the Most Politically Stable Country in West Africa? It is also a Country with a Large potential, Immense Business Opportunities, Numerous natural resources, a fast expanding economy and a growing middle class, it is also well known for the exceptional hospitality of  its inhabitants.

Ghana’s Top Export include Crude petroleum, Gold, Cocoa Beans, Cocoa paste, Cocoa butter, and the top export destinations include; Switzerland, China,France,India,and the Netherlands
Ghana’s top Import Include Cars, Delivery Trucks, Refined Petroleum, Cement and Non Fillet Frozen Fish and The Top Import Destinations include China, United Kingdom, United States, India, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Key Investment Opportunities in Ghana are in the following areas;

  • Road and Bridge Construction
  • Investing in the Railway sector
  • Establishment of training schools for skills enhancement
  • Public-Private Partnership for the supply of Agriculture equipment
  • Construction of small-scale Dams, Irrigation facilities, and boreholes
  • Establishment of storage facilities for agricultural produce
  • Construction of 10,000 housing units under affordable housing program

The Tax Regime in Ghana is Quite Straight forward with the Tax rate for personal Income ranging from 0 to 25 %, Corporation Tax is at 25% and Vat at 15%.

For over 1 decade now, East Africa Business Consultants Has assisted many clients with the following Key Company Set Up Services in Ghana;

  • Company registration in Ghana
  • Government Licenses Processing
  • Business Bank Account Opening
  • HR Recruitment and Management
  • Work Permit Processing
  • Apartment/Office/Warehouse Sourcing.

Company Registration in Ghana Summary Table

Entity Subsidiary Company Branch Company
How Long does the Company registration process Take? 10 Days 10 Days
How long Does it take to Open Bank Account?  5 Days 5 Days
After how Long can you Invoice and Hire  15 Days 15 Days
Minimum Number of Directors and Shareholders  2  –
Foreigner Can own the Company 100% Yes Yes
Can the entity hire expatriate staff Yes Yes
Tax Identification Registration required Yes Yes
Access to Ghana double Tax treaties Yes Yes
Can bid for Government Contracts? Yes Yes
Can Secure Trade Finance? Yes Yes
Can Secure an Import and Export Licence? Yes Yes
Can Easily Convert into a PLC? Yes No
Can Secure Work permits for foreign Employees and Directors? Yes Yes
Multi Currency Bank Accounts Available? Yes Yes


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