How To Find Agents and Distributors in Ethiopia – The industrial sector, specifically manufacturing, in Ethiopia has been at an all time low. However, with the strong encouragement and support to Foreign Direct Investors by the Ethiopian Government, growth in the Industrial sector looks promising. There has been an in-flow of foreign industries setting up shop in Ethiopia specifically in manufacturing, causing a slight rise in its GDP contribution and in job creation as well.  

That being said, there is a need for investors to know the different avenues of exporting and distributing their manufactured goods; be it in the textile industry, food and beverages, or even cosmetics. This will not only boost the Ethiopian economy, but largely your business as well. Finding the right agents and distributors in Ethiopia can be tedious and frustrating, but it is not impossible.

Why is it important to contract a product distributor for your finished goods in Ethiopia

Importance of Contracting Agents and Distributors in Ethiopia include the following;

  1. They have an established customer base of retailers, resellers, and a web of industry connections in Ethiopia that you will need to adequately supply your products to and out of the Ethiopian market and promote a fast rate of sales generation. 
  2. They are highly experienced in sales and marketing. Finding a well-known and reputable distributor means that they are well equipped with business development expertise, especially in sales and marketing. This means that they are able to take new products and sell them to retailers in the most effective way possible as opposed to if you did it alone as a foreigner. 
  3. Quick route to market rate. Using Ethiopian distribution channels ensures that your product quickly reaches the global market. Depending on the territory you place each distributor, they will ensure your products have coverage, maximizing sales potential. 
  4. Storage and logistical advantage. Finding a well equipped distributor means that they have proper storage facilities and logistics channels in Ethiopia to move products quickly and most effectively, saving you time and money in leasing warehouses and sourcing for transportation from one point to another.  
  5. Market knowledge. A good distributor will share knowledge of your product and end user preferences because of their years of experience working in that field and in Ethiopia specifically. Although you are also required to do your own market research, they possess an in-depth knowledge that will benefit you as you embark on your distribution journey, especially when it comes to competitor positioning and customer satisfaction. 

In essence, finding a distributor for your products is like finding the perfect road map for your products to quickly and efficiently reach the Ethiopian market and potentially outside as well. 

There are several reputable agents and distributors for manufactured products in each and every industry. Depending on what your finished product is, you can easily find a distributor. However, caution needs to be observed during this process. It is one thing to look up ‘agents and distributors in Ethiopia’ on Google and another to actually find a legitimate one. 

We at East Africa Business Consultants offer our services for sourcing agents and distributors in Ethiopia, no matter the industry. We are very keen when it comes to sourcing for these distributors and we take our time to search for and run thorough background checks on distributors before starting the selection and contracting process.  

The contract will protect your interests as a manufacturer as well as those of the distributor.  

In some instances, manufacturers prefer to search for these agents and distributors themselves, either through web searches or referrals. Some websites and blogs have lists of various distribution companies. This is not bad, but you still need to ensure that the distributor you have selected is an actual and existing or functioning business or if they are just a money making schemers. We suggest you still contact us for a thorough back ground check before you sign any contract or do any business with them. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

With all this being said, you need to ensure the following before you or we contract any distributors: 

  • You have a working marketing plan. Distributors will want to know how you are planning to market your brand to drive consumer demand 
  • You know your product and that it is ready for the market; fully developed and functional 
  • You know the price point for your product 
  • Understand your distributor. Ultimately, they are your first true customer since you are selling directly to them 
  • Know your target market to ensure that your distributor successfully sells your products to the right market 

 Now you know what you need to do when it comes to contracting distributors in Ethiopia; do not hesitate to contact us and get you started on the process. 

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