How to Obtain A Tourism License In Tanzania (Tours and Travel Operator)Tanzania is a country known for its vast wilderness areas, most famous and world-renowned national parks, natural attractions and beautiful islands. It is also home to Africa’s largest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro, a beautiful sight for both locals and tourists.  

Many locals and foreign investors have sighted a gold mine in Tanzania’s tourism sector and are wasting no time in milking this cow. There are a number of Tours and Travel companies making money through providing services like hiking, nature walks, game safaris, scuba diving, camping, mountain climbing; the list is endless. Setting up a Tours and Travel company is hassle free, due to Tanzania’s reputation for ease of doing business. 

Before starting operations, one needs a Tour License, These are the major steps followed when you are looking to process A Tourism License In Tanzania. 

  • Submit your request for registration 

The first step is to go to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to submit your request for registration of a Tour License. The requirements for this are as follows:  

  1. Registration and License application form  
  2. Copy of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Certificate  
  3. Copy of the project’s Business Plan or Feasibility Study  
  4. A copy of Lease Agreement or Title Deed  
  5. Proof of business premises 
  6. A copy of Certificate of Incorporation  
  7. A copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association or Charter or Statutes 
  8. Certified copy of Certificate of incentives  
  9. Proof of nationality of each shareholder and director, e.g. passport, work permit or national ID 
  10. Proof of having 4WD fleet of vehicle 
  11. Tour vehicles must be new  
  12. Vehicles must be registered under company names
  13. Have a fleet of not less than 10 vehicles.  
  14. Comprehensively insured and inspected by relevant authority
  • Physical inspection of business premises (office) and vehicles. 

This step involves a representative or officer from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to inspect whether your businesses premises are up to par with their standards and if the Tour vehicles and new and roadworthy.  

  • Obtain payment invoice and licensing payment. 

Once your premises and vehicles have been approved, you shall be given the go-ahead to obtain a payment invoice that will show the amount payable for the license and pay licensing fees through NMB Bank. You will then proceed with your bank slip and payment invoice in order to obtain your receipt, and finally submit your signed invoice.  

  • Obtain your Tourism License.  

It will take about 10-15 days for your license to be ready.   

Are you interested in setting up your own Tours and Travel company in Tanzania, as well as obtain a Tour license for the same? Contact us today and we will happily assist you in your journey.  

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