How To Start An Online Business In Kenya

How To Start An Online Business In Kenya – Many Kenyans hold off their dreams to start an Online Business in Kenya because of lack of enough info on how to go about the whole process or because they lack info on the Numerous opportunities brought about by the Internet penetration In Kenya.

A study done by Internet World Stats shows that the number of Internet Users in Kenya has risen from 200,000 in the year 2000 to a whooping 43,329,434 as of the beginning of the year 2018. Kenya ranks third in internet usage behind Nigeria and Egypt with an 85% penetration population rate. This is good news for anyone wanting to venture into online business in Kenya; the market is ready.

In this technological day and age, Buying and Selling has been made easier simply through social media. With the increased use of mobile phones and the age of the Internet, Commerce has now become e-commerce and almost everything is digitized. Kenya has evidently not been left behind in the contemporary world. With the emergence of e-commerce platforms like Jumia Kenya and Kilimall, business owners in Kenya are encouraged to try out online business and not be constrained by geographical boundaries and physical restrictions.

With that said, here are simple steps on How to Start an Online Business in Kenya.

  1. Business Registration

Just because you do not have a physical store does not mean that you do not need to Register your Business. You will still need to Register your Business for revenue purposes; that is, for the sake of registration with the various payment Gateways and Government Bodies. As a business you may also need to secure bank loans, so getting a business Registered may be a good idea to facilitate this as your business will be legal.

Business Registration will also help you protect your name from been used by anyone else to conduct business in Kenya.  In less than Ten days, we shall help you secure and Register your unique Business name relevant to your business.

  1. Find A Domain Name And Web Host

Now that you have a unique business name, you can use it as your domain name. You will also need a web host to host your website. When looking for a web host, do not settle for the cheapest one you find; cheap is expensive. Cheap web hosts are notorious for hosting several sites on one server hence your website will be slow, experience technical glitches and become painfully slow. We offer reliable web hosting services with prompt technical support.

  1. Set-Up Your Online Storefront

As your web host and designer, we will choose the best set-up for your store, including the check-out page, coupon codes as well as set up Search Engine Optimized URLs and load your Stock Pictures and Prices for you.

  1. Set-Up Your Payment Methods

We assume you know your target market for your products; local, international or both. Depending on your audience and their location, your payment method should facilitate everyone interested. The most reliable payment methods for international customers are PayPal and PesaPal, while local customers prefer M-Pesa. Credit Card payment is also an option although few people opt for it. As you consider payment options, it is also important to look at shipping options, from DHL to G4S, again, depending on where your market is.

  1. Add Contact Information

In case you have a physical store, consider adding your location and physical address for customers who may want to visit you physically. If you are only operating an online store, consider adding a functioning customer care phone number and professional customer care or sales e-mail address. This will instill faith in customers who know that they have someone to contact in case an order goes wrong or for queries.

It also helps to add a subscription box to build your e-mail database where you can share new product information and upcoming offers and promotions directly to your customers’ mailbox.

  1. Marketing

Now that you have you have your online store ready, you need to create social media pages for your business. Most of your target market are on social media; after all, you are an online business. Use Facebook and Instagram to connect to potential clients, advertising your products organically and also through paid promotions. Also add links to your website on your social posts and pages so that you can drive traffic to your store in case of interest.

Our Digital Marketing team is happy to help you come up with a proper Digital Marketing Plan and also Offer Search Engine Optimization Services to increase search visibility for your products, from cosmetics to Real estate. It is possible to get your site to appear among top searches without having to constantly run Google Ads.

Finally, take it a day at a time and watch your Business Grow. Contact us Today for more help on How to Start an Online Business in Kenya

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