How to use Social Media to benefit your Business in Kenya – There is no doubt that the business world has changed drastically with the use of more modern technologies available for us. Arguably one of the biggest differences comes with communications. It is important to stay in communication with our customers through whatever devices they are using. Although social media wasn’t originally designed for business use, one cannot deny the vast number of people using these platforms for marketing and communication. Even though advertising on social media site is an option, there are still more practical ways to stay in touch with your customers using this platform.

Customer service

The impact that social media has on modern customers service is undeniable. Customer service has always been about connecting business with customers and social media facilitates these relationships in a natural manner that’s conductive to timely assistance. Safaricom Kenya limited has been able to take customer service to another level adding wit to customer service. They have created a platform where you do not need to spend minutes waiting for customer service to answer the phone all you have to do is use your social media account to have your issue resolved. Using social media can also turn a negative circumstance into a positive situation. With social media usage increase comes the gradual reduction of call center volume.


Rather than post information on their products or services, most companies are using social media as a way of connecting with their customers. Their focus is more engaging with their clients rather than selling them a product or handling complains. Instead of posting the newest arrival, clearance sale items, many are instead sharing details of something more personal, like photos of their office kitten, funny videos. Their favorite charity or social issues. This builds trust with people who are therefore more likely to do business with the company.


Connecting with people through these social outlets gives you a more human appearance. Often companies are allowing their employees to blog or post to these sites thereby making them appear more likeable and compassionate. This also builds trust with your clients and will reach others with similar interest.


If Nairobi is a city that never sleeps, then Facebook and Twitter are the places where your business is never closed. People are turning to these networks because they can address a situation on their own terms and at a time that works best for them. Even if the reply is not instantaneous it still happens nonetheless and the customer can get the response whenever they are available to receive it.


Social media and marketing are a natural fit. Social media allows businesses to connect and engage, customers in an environment that is friendly to the customer. The impacts on social media include giving better insights to the customer. Data that would be otherwise be undetected comes to the forefront. The business is able to study the market spending patterns and hence enable businesses to market better. It also allows brands to be more responsive and efficient.

In conclusion there is no telling the future of social media, however the beauty of it is its unpredictability. Social media will certainly evolve, but it’s hard to imagine it ever going extinct. As such it will become increasingly important for businesses to continue investing in this high-retuning growth medium.

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