How to Verify and Renew Work Permits in Kenya – For the next 60 days the Ministry of Interior through the Department of Immigration Services has directed all foreigners working in the country to verify and renew their Work Permits at the Immigration.  This directive seeks to crack down on foreigners working in the country illegally.

In 2017 alone there were 8,366 new permits issued, it is estimated that there are about 34,000 work permits registered so far. This verification exercise will not only be used to rid the country of illegal and undocumented workers but is in line with the ministry readiness to issue foreigners with foolproof electronic cards as work permits so as to reduce the paperwork and to improve efficiency. The electronic cards system will also provide the immigration department with the necessary statistics on the number and categories of permits issued to foreigners working locally.

All foreigners are therefore required to submit their original Work permit, Valid official endorsement on passport, Valid alien card, official payment receipt and Kenya Revenue Authority PIN number. The ministry has assured all the foreigners that the process will be seamless and they have nothing to worry about. There is anticipation for the introduction of a quota system in the issuance of work permits and possibly an introduction of annual immigration audits to identity any undocumented or improperly documented foreigners working in Kenya. It is also expected there will be a restriction on business visas which are normally valid for 90 days to a shorter period.

For more about work permits and the requirements check out how to apply for a Work Permit In Kenya

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