How to write a Top Notch Pitch Deck – A pitch deck is a brief presentation that provides an overview of your business idea and is often used when presenting to an investor to raise funds for your company. One can also pitch their idea to potential customers, co-founders and or partners.  

The tools you can use to create such a presentation can be found in Powerpoint, Keynote Canva, and Prezi among other software.  

While delivering your idea to the audience, you should keep in mind the following powerful keys: 

  1. It should be Clear and Concise 
  2. It should be Compelling  
  3. It should be easy to act 

The dos and don’ts while pitching your idea: 


  • While pitching, make it more of a story and less like a presentation.  Tell a story and engage people on an emotional level.  
  • Remember that it is not a great idea because you think so but because your target market said so. 
  • Limit each slide to expressing one idea. 
  • Always aim to make a great first impression. 
  • Use more visuals than script. Validating every possible slide with data will make the audience concentrate more on you.  
  • Know your statistics and metrics more than anyone else and anticipate the questions they are going to ask before they even do. 
  • Show the people behind the idea. 
  • Be consistent. The presentation should be neat throughout and have no errors such as grammar mistakes, inconsistent font size and color, wrong use of upper cases and lower cases, etc.  


  • Having too many bullet points in the presentation 
  • Lengthy and too much script. 
  • Read word for word everything on the slide. 
  • Come unprepared for the presentation. 
  • Use small fonts such that it becomes difficult to make out what you are trying to say. 
  • Fabricate data so that the idea can be attractive. 

Now that you have a guideline of what to do and what not to do during the presentation, here is what need to consider when you want to write a top notch pitch deck: 

  1. An Introduction.  This is the first step of your presentation.  You start by talking about who you are, why you are here and the overview of your company
  2. Team  – Here you can talk about the people behind the idea, their specific roles, and their relevant accomplishments so that you can earn the trust and approval of the audience. 
  3. Problem – At this stage of your presentation, you will need to elaborate on the gap you are trying to fill and the problem you will be solving with your idea. You can endorse it with real-life examples.
  4. SolutionThis slide should have an explanation of how your idea is solving the problem and the milestones you have reached with your product or services.
  5. Product – Using layman terms and examples, describe into detail how your product works and the kind of value it adds. You will need to be clear and concise so that the audience can understand what you are trying to tell them.
  6. Unique selling proposition You need to explain what makes you different. What makes you stand out from your competitors ie your competitive advantage and how you will outperform them. 
  7. Potential customers Focus on the amount of traction you are getting from the product or service and response of the market.
  8. Size of the market  – you need to specify the size of the market and focus on your target market.  Develop a buyer persona from your target market and come up with the demographics of your consumer, their purchasing power and habits and personal traits, etc.  You can also talk about the channels you will use to penetrate the market.
  9. CompetitionMention the key players in the industry, how and what they are doing to solve the problem You will also need to state how your current solution compares to others and how easy it is for them to replicate it.
  10. Revenue Model Explain how you are planning to make money and when you expect the revenue and the income to start trickling into the company. Talk about how you are going to make money from the sales, will your approach be to use direct sales or ad-based projections?
  11. Investment Here, you will need to provide a detailed budget that your company will be working with. The budget should contain the amount of capital you are looking for and how you will use the funds. If you are asking for debt financing then you need to give them a time frame of when you expect to have paid back the amount and the interest.  If you have been given permission to do so, you can talk about any prior funding you received and outline what you have done with the funds you were given.
  12. ContactsLeave your contact details and how you can easily be reached so that investors can follow up and set a meeting with you.  

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