Professional Business Planing Services in Kenya

Going into business without a Professional Business Plan in Kenya is like Hiking Mt Kenya without a map or GPS support – you’ll eventually get lost and starve

Many entrepreneurs know exactly what they want to accomplish with their new business, they know what products or service they will offer, what makes their product better than the competition and how to operate their business, however, many have never written business plans before and hence need professional help and guidance along the way, whether in research, forecasting sales, calculating costs or creating financial documentation, this is where I come in.

We guide you throughout the business planning process and help you document your business concept, vision, research and all other elements of your Business into a presentable and professional business plan that you can use as a management tool or to share with external entities such as government authorities or investors.

The Benefit of Having a Professional Business Plan In Kenya Includes the Following;

  • Clarify your vision and decide whether to forge ahead with the idea.
  • Determine if your product and/or service has a enough market to support it and whether or not it will be profitable.
  • Provide an estimate of your start-up costs and how much you’ll need to invest or finance.
  • Convince investors and lenders to fund your business.
  • Define your target market (who your customers are or will be) and how to best reach them through strategic marketing actions or expanding market coverage or reach.
  • Establish or reevaluate your competitive position within the marketplace, by conducting a thorough analysis of the competition (finding out where your competitor’s weaknesses are and how you can take advantage of them).
  • Define corporate objectives and programs to achieve those objectives.
  • Help your business make money from the start by developing effective operational strategies.
  • Understand the risks involved and anticipating potential problems so you that can solve them before they become disasters.

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