How To Start A Day Care Business In Kenya – If you have a passion for children and would not mind taking care of them for a living, then the daycare business is just for you. With the rising number of working mothers, children need caregivers to take care of them while their parents are away. In addition, there have been alarming cases of nannies mistreating or kidnapping children; therefore, most parents opt for daycare centers as they are a safer option to trust children with, especially if the center is within the neighborhood.

You can choose to have your daycare center and double it up with a kindergarten. Whichever the case, it is a good venture to pursue if you have the drive for it.

You will need to follow the following steps to Successfully start a day care business in Kenya.

  • Register your business
  • Draw up your business plan
  • Find your location
  • Find your staff
  • Market your daycare business

Now Let’s take each of these in turn.

  1. Register your business

Just like any other business, the day care business requires legality. The first thing you need to do is find a suitable name for your daycare center and reserve it for later registration. Then you will need to acquire a business license to make your daycare business and operations legal. You will also need to register with Kenya Revenue Authority to get your business a KRA pin number. Other legal requirements for a daycare business in Kenya include health and safety clearance, as well as liability insurance to protect facilities, staff and the children. These are the most important legal requirements you may want to work on first.

  1. Draw up your business plan

Now that you have a unique business name and you have registered your day care business name, it is time to draw up your business plan. Why? A business plan is important for planning purposes. This is where you will devise your budget, that is, know how much you will want to spend on rent for the facility along with other utilities, how many staff members you will need, how many children you will be able to host and other factors like the provisions you will be able to provide for the children. Your budget will help you manage your finances, spend well while setting up the daycare center, allow you to save some money, and most importantly help you know or have a rough idea of how much you will charge per child for your services. Remember, having a business without a business plan is like going on a journey to an unknown destination without a map. We can help you out with your business plan here. (

  1. Find your location

Now that you have a budget and an estimate of what you would like to pay as rent for your facility you can scout around for a suitable location for your daycare business. It can either be in high tier or lower tier estates depending on your budget. A daycare center within the city would be a bit difficult to maneuver but you can weigh your options and see what works best. While choosing your location, consider the following things:

  • Population of families with working parents and young children
  • Security of the area
  • Proximity to social amenities such as hospitals, clinics and police stations
  • Proximity to commercial centers
  • Environmental safety of the area; whether it is an area where construction is going on, near a dam, or sewerage area etc.

These factors are important because they determine whether the children will be in a potentially dangerous area, and if they are near medical and security facilities should the need be. A commercial center near the daycare center would be good should there be an emergency where daily utilities such as food or diapers run out.

  1. Find your staff

This is one of the most important aspects of a daycare business. Depending on the size of your daycare center, you will need competent, experienced and trained staff to care for the children. This is where you need to take most of your time interviewing candidates, performing background checks on them and confirming their competency when it comes to children. Most times rogue care givers are the ones who abuse children and the facility ends up closing down. For the sake of your credibility as a business and to honor your values as a caregiver and founder of the center, you need to make sure you hire professional caregivers, who fit your standards, who are able to care for, as well as educate the young children. This process should be slow but sure, rather than rushed and careless because you want your business to open up quickly.

  1. Market your daycare business

Just like any other start-up, you will need to market your daycare business. The best way to start marketing is by informing working parents that you know in close proximity about your daycare center. Friends and family are always the best first customers as they could refer your daycare business to their circle of friends. Handing out fliers around your location is also a cheap and great way of getting word out about your daycare center. You can take your marketing a notch higher by using social media to market your daycare business. Leverage on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as a lot of parents are on these platforms. Create a page for your business and promote your first few posts to get more reach and likes on your page and then carry on from there, by engaging with parents who want to know more about your business.  Share pictures of your facility, a sample of meals you offer, the play area, educational material you have and other features that will attract parents, especially mothers, to your business. You can go a step further and a create a simple website simply showing the daycare center’s features, services offered, price lists, menu for food offered, daycare timetable and contact numbers for customer care. This is will add a touch of professionalism and credibility to your daycare business and even get a chance of appearing in daycare service Google searches in Kenya.  We can help you out with your Marketing here. (

Work extra hard to ensure your daycare business meets the standards of those who entrust you with their children and business will be booming in no time. Are you ready to start a daycare business in Kenya? Contact us Today and we will help you register and start a day care business in Kenya.


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