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Imagine that you have a Good Friend/Family living in Africa and you inform them that you would be coming to Africa and hence you ask them to show you around.
Now add to this person a huge Database of Knowledge and Experience on Business in Africa, a wide Network of Business Contacts in various Industries and a Good understanding of Business Processes in the local Market. This is what our Trade Mission to Africa looks like: Very Welcoming and Very Knowledgeable.

The Trade Mission to Africa is for Company Directors, Founders, CEO’s, Export Managers, Entrepreneurs looking to do business in Africa and serves as excellent door-openers helping you establish strategic connections with local business players and facilitate access to key economic decision-makers, Investment Authorities and senior government officials.

Trade Mission to Africa offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Meet and network with senior government officials (group and private meetings)
  • Explore business opportunities in Africa’s most promising sectors
  • Gain a deeper understanding of investment climates
  • Discover new business partners during meetings with local business leaders
  • Identify Opportunities to access new export markets in the African continent
  • Get advice and support from in-market Trade Advisers on Doing Business in Africa
  • Access to market opportunities

We are happy to plan a customized Mission for you in Africa. Contact us today.

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