The Pearl of Africa

Uganda is one of the Best countries to do Business in Africa because it has a stable Macro-Economic Policy, a Growing Internal Market with a Population of about 42 Million people and Accessible Regional Markets.

Uganda offers a wide range of business opportunities in many different sectors that include; Food processing, Real Estate & Construction, Manufacturing, Tourism and hospitality, Transport, Trading, Information technology services, Energy Sector.

Uganda has an Open Approach towards foreign Companies and Company Registration in Uganda is quite straight forward and Foreigners can register and own companies 100 %.

The Tax regime in Uganda is Simple and transparent and the Tax rate for personal Income ranging from 5 to 30 %, Corporation Tax is at 30% and Vat at 18%.

Company Registration in Uganda Summary Table

Entity Subsidiary Company Branch Company
How Long does the Company registration process Take? 10 Days 10 Days
How long Does it take to Open Bank Account?  5 Days 5 Days
After how Long can you Invoice and Hire  15 Days 15 Days
Minimum Number of Directors and Shareholders  2  –
Foreigner Can own the Company 100% Yes Yes
Can the entity hire expatriate staff Yes Yes
Tax Registration Certificate required Yes Yes
Access to Uganda double Tax treaties Yes Yes
Can bid for Government Contracts? Yes Yes
Can Secure Trade Finance? Yes Yes
Can Secure an Import and Export Licence? Yes Yes
Can Easily Convert into a PLC? Yes No
Can Secure Work permits for foreign Employees and Directors? Yes Yes
Multi Currency Bank Accounts Available? Yes Yes


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