How to Get a Courier license in KenyaIn today’s world, the business environment is growing rapidly and businesses are taking shop in major towns across the country which has led to the increasing need for speedy delivery of goods and services with people opting to use courier services to ferry their goods.  

According to a research that was done, there is a noticeable gap which can be seen in that, a large percentage of the population require courier services that are small enough to offer personalized services and big enough to be able to cater for many deliveries during different times of the day. 

To start a courier service, you will need at least Ksh 500,000 in which most of that seed capital will go towards registering a company, paying licenses requirements and acquiring motorcycles for the deliveries. The communication authority has unveiled new guidelines that require courier operators to implement mechanisms that allow for remote payment through a licensed financial payment service provider and provide enhanced security for packages through faster delivery and tracking of the luggage. 

Operators within Kenya have an annual fee for the license.  

Courier services are regulated by the Communications Authority of Kenya and as such all applications should be addressed to them 

Minimum requirements needed to obtain the Courier license in Kenya include the following.  

  1. The entity should be registered in Kenya as a limited liability company, sole proprietor, cooperative society or partnership. 
  2. Have a duly registered office and a permanent premise in Kenya i.e. physical address.  
  3. A company should provide a copy of the certificate of incorporation, CR 12. 
  4. If it is a cooperative society, it should provide minutes of their last AGM held, by laws and letters of proof of registration by the appropriate Ministry. 
  5. A company with foreign ownership should issue at least 20% of its shares to a Kenyan on or before the end of 3 years after receiving a license. 
  6. Provide valid tax compliance and PIN certificate.  

The procedure to Obtain Courier license in Kenya is as follows: 

  1. Payment of the prescribed application fee of Ksh5, 000 which is non-refundable. 
  2. Applicants name is published in the Kenyan Gazette upon endorsement by the Communication Licensing Committee.  The interested parties have 30 days to raise any representations on the application. If there are no objections, the application is forwarded to the Board for further consideration and approach. 
  3. Applicant is advised on the license fee payable 
  4. The postal/ Courier license is issued. 

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