Obtain a Single Business Permit in Nairobi – A single business permit is a legal requirement for any business in Nairobi to run its operations smoothly. In the past, one was supposed to apply for different licenses in different offices depending on the nature of the business until they were all combined to form the unified business permits. They include: 

  • Trading license
  • Advertising License 
  • Health certificate
  • Fire clearance license
  • Food hygiene certificate

Now you do not have to go the various offices to acquire these licenses, you can get them all in one unified package.  

Why obtain a business permit in Nairobi?  

  • A business permit is issued to ensure that the respective business is compliant with the rules and regulations for that specific type of business.  
  • It also comes in handy when you want to acquire a business loan or to apply for government tenders among other things 
  • It provides a way for which Nairobi County collects their taxes so as to improve service delivery.  

The procedure of Obtaining a Business Permit in Nairobi

Before application of the permit, you will be required to first and most importantly, Register your business/ Register your Company. You need to ensure that you have the business name/ Company Name, The physical address of the business and Business Registration Number. 

The procedure for the application of the license is usually the same with every type of business but the difference comes with the costs, which varies with the size of the business i.e. the number of employees, the type of the business and the location the business will be situated at.  

The approximate cost to obtain a Business Permit in Nairobi is as follows: 

  • Application fee Ksh 200 
  • Permit fee: for a small workshop of up to 5 employees -Ksh 15,000 

The required documents include: 

  • Copy of certificate of Incorporation / Business Registration Certificate
  • Copy of company Pin certificate 
  • The physical address, land zone, and plot number 
  • National ID/ passport number

Online Permit Application / Renewal 

For an online Application / renewal, you will need access to an internet connection, money in your mobile phone, contact details and the business identification number. Then you; 

  1. Log in or create an account on the Nairobi county self-service portal with the necessary contact details then proceed to the homepage into the unified business permit and click on renew.  
  2. Fill in your business identification number then enter the year you want to Apply / renew.
  3. You will be directed to the check status page where you can view the company status and costs needed for the application / renewal. The page also contains the exact Nairobi City Council business permits rates for that specific year, the amount you have penalized for any late payment if any and business permits for the previous year. Check the information thoroughly to make sure everything is okay. 
  4. If it’s your first time, you will receive ” a wallet does not have any funds message” . Below the message, there is another tab for top-up, click it to continue to top-up. 
  5. You will be then directed to the Nairobi county E-wallet where you will be prompted to add your phone number and the amount you will be required to top up and then key in our password and click submit. The system will then direct you to the different page where you will chose your preferred payment method. 
  6. Choose your desired method and proceed to payment. Afterward, you will be taken back to the wallet has insufficient funds page and be prompted to complete which will then direct you to the confirmation page.  
  7. Upon satisfaction with the given information, type your pin and submit the details. 
  8. The system will prompt you with two links: to print your business permit and to print the receipt.  
  9. Print the permit and then download it. 
  10. Finally, display the downloaded business permit at the premises as is required by the law.

We hope that you will manage to successfully Obtain a Business permit in Nairobi by following the easy steps described above. Feel free to Contact Us Today for any help on the same.

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